My Baking Groups

As part of recreational food blogging the door is open to many different experiences. One of my best friends, 'The Ginger Snap Girl' (who is a passionate food blogger), gently encourages me to join some of the online baking groups that she is already working in. This is not unlike when we were in high school and she lovingly nudged me into joining the cheerleading squad with her. These are things I would not, as an introvert, seek out on my own but I am thankful for her support and awareness because I end up having fun and get out of my shell a bit and get to interact with other people - even if it is over the web and a little uncomfortable for me at times. I had no idea these groups existed and other people new to food blogging may not know either.

Essentially these groups are formed out of people like us who want to learn and try new things or be a part of a collective group that will, as an example, bake for and support the troops. A group may choose to work from one book and do assigned recipes on a schedule and each member post their individual results to their own blog. Then as a member of that group, you get to check out each members blog, read what each person experienced, see their end result, or learn what interesting modifications they came up. There are many variations of groups with different approaches. Anyone can join, it is a lot of fun, and you get to build your culinary skills. There is generally no major obligation but there is an expectation that people follow the schedule and participate a fair amount of the time otherwise it defeats the purpose. These are groups to interact with in between your own personal food blogging or for some people, 'groups' may be all they do. That was how I got started myself!

Below are the groups I have either been a part of in the past or are currently participating in right now. You can join one of these groups if you like :) , search for others, or even start your own group!


Club Baked has been working from the BAKED EXPLORATIONS book (in my book list) and does a couple recipes per month. Click on the badge to link to their page for more information.

Operation Baking Gals is dedicated to baking and shipping goodies each month to our US troops stationed around the world. Click on the badge to link to their page for more information.